Sonic DLA

I was getting this message (see atachment) from my sonic dla, I’m using BenQ EW1621 external DVD Buner, problem is it never finish to do the recovery.
These are important files, now I can’t access. I need some help to be able to recover these files.
I’m using Sonic DLA version 4.95.1.

I am not sure what you are trying to do. For that matter we do not know what you are using to burn with or other things about your system… Allow me to say that I will never again use DLA or InCD. Both are known to have issues. The files that you are trying to recover should be on the HDD since DLA is supposed to allow drag and drop copying. It is possible that you need to install the file you mention in order to make things work properly.

I have the same problem. I purchased a Dell laptop with Sonic DLA pre-installed on it.

I was transferring pictures from a memory card to dvd in windows explorer using DLA. I formatted the disk and started to cut and paste to the dvd drive to move the pictures off my memory card and onto the formatted DVD. I have done this several times before without problem. While transferring the pictures, the DVD became full and the last 5 files I planned on moving did not transfer. My wife saw a dialog box that said the DVD was full, believing that I transferred the files to a different DVD ejected the disc. Now we can’t access the pictures. When we put the disc in the drive, it says that the disc was prematurely ejected and begins the same recovery mount mentioned earlier in this thread. I have let it run to 100% completion overnight 2 nights in a row, it says it is complete both times - I click ok and still can’t access the files on the DVD. It still going into recovery mount mode.

My questions are: I have a lot of pictures that are very important to me. Is there a method to recover these pictures? Where on the harddrive would I look? I look at the DVD and I can see that data is burned onto it, but I can’t access it…how do I complete the burn so I can access the data on the DVD? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You might get somewhere with IsoBuster which can read the contents of DVDs.

The use of the move option is understandable but I think has to be used with care and I would never do what you’ve done. Backing up to the HDD first would have been a sensible precaution.

I know with Roxio’s DragToDisc that there is a repair/recover function , is there something similar in Sonic DLA?

TimC: So far as I can remember-NO. Since DLA and D-to-D are from the same source that is part of the issue relating to Repair/Recover. I have never had success with that sort of thing and thus [B]‘always’[/B] back up to the HDD first. Great advice for anyone.

Until Roxio 8 D-to-D & DLA were totally separate applications with different interpretations of packet-writing.
When Sonic took over Roxio they’ve obviously started to merge things which realistically meant, initially, a Roxio-like front-end to Sonics products as far as I could tell. And since I never like Sonic’s applications I’ve stuck with Roxio 7.5.

Hopefully Glenfish can get somewhere with IsoBuster.

I have just installed HP external 20x Multiformat DVD writer with software Nero 7 Essentials. I have had a problem since then with Sonic DLA - got an error message from Windows (XP) that Sonic DLA was cause of the computer freezing etc. Even before I installed the new DVD writer I was having problems when Sonic DLA wanted to format CD-RW discs, then I couldn’t use the discs. I have been able to write to CD-R discs in the past with no problem. Please!!! I need step-by-step - no jargon. Should I uninstall Sonic DLA? Will I still be able to burn discs with music, films etc. HELP!

The answer in your case really depends on whether you already have files on CD or DVD that used either Roxio/Sonic or Nero. IF NOT-then I strongly suggest you dump both programs. If you want to continue with one of them-them please remove ALL of the other one. That means every reference you can find. Otherwise, you run the risk of conflicts between the 2 of them (don’t ask How I know).
Again I use either FREE programs or Ashampoo Burning Studio 7. The combination I have works flawlessly for most everything I do.

You are using a USB device and need software that is appropriate for that situation. Give the free programs a try and decide which works best.

I need some help learning what I can about Sonic DLA. I have a DVD drive and a CD/RW drive. I was trying to make copies of pictures from my parent’s 60th anniversary. I have XP and was using the copy/paste method and my CD/RW drive would not open and the DVD drive does not know when a disc is present. I can turn the system off and get the drive door open, but I was getting a error message having to do with Sonic DLA every time I pressed the open button. I am only semi computer literate. Thanks