Sonic DLA trouble

I am trying to use DLA with a backup program. The DLA is from Dell and is version 4.95.

I don’t think Sonic will support this unless I buy it directly from them.

I sometimes but not always cannot write to a previously formatted disc.

There is a file with 0 size showing in Windows explorer when I can’t write.

I think that it is called “Inaccessible disc area”! If that shows up I have to reformat. Although a quick reformat is all it takes to get going again.

I am thinking about using InCD instead.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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I’m not an expert in packet writing softwares, but in my experience they give only problems. I suggest you to use regular burnings for your backups.

@ martytoo,

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I echo Forum Member geno888 comment concerning any and all packet writing software program. There is strong documented evidence that all packet writing software programs do not work and only cause conflict errors. It is also strongly documented that packet writing software programs can disable some CD/DVD writing programs.

You are only playing Russian Roulette when using any packet writing software program to write valuable data that you intend to access at a later point in time.

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Uninstall Sonic DLA. Also uninstall INCD if you have it installed.

Ditto! Not ready for prime time yet!

Packet writing = bad.

Software from Sonic = bad.

Put them together, and you get the smelly greenish pus that leaks from an infected wart. :frowning:

I too have sonic DLA trouble. In my new (Dell) laptop, I transferred my files off a CD. I now get a message, every time I boot up “Sonic DLA can read files but cannot edit or add to them.”

How do I get rid of this message?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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I suggest you to recover all files from the disc, store them in HD, uninstall Sonic and then burn data with nero or another app. I strongly suggest you don’t use any packet writing software