Sonic DLA on Win98SE

One of my PC has DLA running under WinXP. I like the way it works in the sense that it is integrated within the Windows Explorer. I would like to use it also in my PC running Win98SE.

I have tried Sonic DLA Version 4.95, unfortunately right-clicking the CD drive and click “Properties” will result in “EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0187:bff9db61.”. I tried Version 4.90, above problem does not come up, but another more serious problem instead, i.e., when I either plug a USB thumbdrive or unplug it, the PC will freeze or BSOD is coming up. Version 4.80 is similar to Version 4.90.

I tried to install Version 4.60, but the installation was stopped for incompatibility problem with “Intel Application Accelerator”.

I then tried Version 3.59, I was quite happy at the beginning, because it seemed to be OK, no problem like those I tried before, unfortunately when I tried to insert a CD-R disc, the system suddenly rebooted itself, what a pity.

The next Version I tried is 3.26, it looked also pretty good, until it failed to
reformat one of the CD-RW, that I finally could reformat with InCD.

The conclusion is, DLA may be a good packet writing software for say WinXP, but unfortunately it really is not compatible with Win98SE, at least with mine, what a shame.

Nevertheless, if someone should have a good solution that can make DLA work with Win98SE, I would highly appreciate it for sharing such a solution.