Sonic DLA Help

Downloaded Roxio PhotoSuite 8 on Oct. 10. From Roxio.
Problem: DVD (NEC DVD + RW ND 6500A) starts then shuts off, will not burn slideshow, but when I try again reads “Disk full” but it is not.
Error Messages: “DVD in use by another application”
“Your version of DLA can read files on this disk but you will not able to edit or add to”
Removed Photo Suite 8, then re-downloaded it from Roxio, message: “Sonic DLA not compatable with this software”, so it was removed. But then I could not Format DVD’s. Dell PC Checkup said to re-install Sonic DLA :confused:
I tried all recommended upgrades from Dell & Roxio, I can not get this program to work. The Preview works fine but it will not burn to CD or DVD. :doh:
Computer: Dell Inspiron 6000
HELP !!!

Remove Sonic DLA. It is harmful to DVD burning. Please refer to this thread to learn about the various problems packet writing software causes in general.

Do I need to replace Sonic DLA with something else ?

Just uninstall it or don’t install it at all.

Perhaps this may help someone. I was looking for a solution & found one. I don’t know if it’s the absolute best one, but so far it works for me.

I just installed an LG drive but could not play or read any DVD-RAM discs. Depending what I tried, sometimes I got a message: “Your version of DLA can read files on this disk but you will not able to edit or add to”. And my PC would lockup. I searched & the usual answers were to uninstall Sonic DLA or there was patch from Roxio and Dell. I looked in my Sonic DLA folder to see what version I had and looked at file named vxdla.chm. This was a file about using DLA with Windows XP and also your recorder drive. And how to switch it off.

Go to My Computer & right click on your recorder drive then click on properties. A dialog box opens. Select DLA. There is a box to check to enable DLA for your drives. If you have more than one recorder drive only one will be enabled. However I notice a check mark appears in the boxes for both drives.

I unchecked the box & my drive now handles DVD-RAM.

I may do the patch or uninstall DLA, but for now I’ve solved the problem without having to resort to adding or deleting software. And if I really need DLA in the future it’s easily enabled.

[QUOTE=Vinreel;1597834]Do I need to replace Sonic DLA with something else ?[/QUOTE]

Rather then just total complete uninstall and clean of Sonic. You should ask yourself what do you need Sonic for and what are you plans or what kinda burning are you planning to do? That should be your first plan to decide on what you need to get in the way of software. But my advice being a past and now never Sonic user to not use their software it causes more problem then they help. That was my reason for going to Nero 6 which I still use and will keep. But in Nero I didn’t install InCD…Windows XP SP3 will burn to CD or DVD by itself. So what were you plan on burning is now the question??

I never even heard of DLA until the other day. Sonic RecordNow came with my Dell PC and I used it for burning CD-Rs. But now I have a DVD drive & their error message came up when I just went to look at the file contents of a DVD-RAM disc. I did not run Sonic, but I guess the PC figured I must have needed to load DLA anyway. I really don’t know if I need it for anything as I was not aware that it even existed.

When I installed Nero 7 essentials with the LG drive I did install InCD. And it looks like InCD and DLA do about the same thing. So I guess I do not need DLA. But why does it automatically load when I never even ran Sonic? I just used Windows Explorer to look at the files.

I think we need to help the OP first with his/her problem before moving onto another problem…So has the OP found a solution or what they plan on doing?