Sonic DLA and destroying discs



Some how my data CDs are being destroyed, IE. I put a previously written cd in the drive (The CD was fine when i put it away) When I put the cd in the drive and close the draw the CD light blinks for a while then stops. Opening either Windows Explorer or My computer will Hang up and hang up will not go away till I open the cd draw.
This is an intermittent problem, in that if i put in another disk it may read properly. But I am getting GunShy about putting any more cds in the drive. I already have 6 cds that will not work. Trying to reformat them ends up in a failure.
I have already replaced the mother board and the cd drive. The PC is still under warrantee.
They will be replacing them again along with the power supply, soon I hope
The OS is Win XP pro. Sonic DLA is version 5.2. PC is Lenovo Thinkcenter.
The drive is H-L data Storage HL-DT-ST rw.dvd GCC-4482B
Any one experiencing similar problem or perhaps had this type of problem resolved?


The only solution I have found is to remove DLA entirely. This program along with Nero’s InCD are known to cause problems of one sort or another. My experience was that unless all of my machines had DLA (or InCD-but not both) I would have read errors. I will not say that you do not have bad drives. Then again are you certain about the mdeia you are using. Some brands simply work better than others.
That’s my 2 cents.
Keep us informed as to the solution.

BTW: You can completely remove Roxio products and try Ashampoo Burning Center 6 and see what happens.


If I do remove the Sonic DLA software. I wonder if i will be able to read the CDs that were burned using DLA?
Those that haven’t been destroyed, that is.
Funny thing is that for 8 months I used the DLA software without a problem.


I tried burning data to cds without having DLA installed and all the files on the cd ended up read only. the cd was a cd-rw. Will Ashampoo do the same?


Hm- If there have been any changes in hardware/software or for that matter the brand of discs, this might be a reason for your sudden difficulty. It is possible that you will be unable to read the previously made (DLA) discs. Then again I have a rack full of CD-Rs made with it that read just fine. Ashampoo does NOT use packet writing programs and is truly transparent. I have burned both CD-R and RW along with DVD-R with no issues at all. In fact, I have been adding content to a CD-R with no problems.
You ask about “read only” on a CD-RW. This is not uncommon in my experience w/CD-RWs. You may get a message asking to “Erase” the disc before writing to it. I let the program do this since I use the discs for backup file storage updates.

Just Tested (7:45am) Ashampoo-It indeed will write to a CD-RW without ‘erasing’ it. It is a feature called “Update files…”

I will also suggest that you have Dell do a complete diagnostic rather than piecemeal. If you have a support agreement that includes on-site service-use it. If you have to ship the machine that is another matter.

Good luck and keep us informed.


My PC is not a Dell But A Lenovo. And it does have a 1 year onsite warantee.
Here’s what I’ve done. I disabled the DLA in the drive properties and Installed the Ashampoo Burnya! Data discs2. and using the program burned a copy of my personal file folders to a new cd.
I have so far been able to open and close the Drive door and read the data on the cd without a hang up, at least 3 times.
I tried updating a file on the cd with a newer version from the HD.
I see that i must select the files i want to update manually or am i missing something?


I forgot to mention. All the files burned to the cd have the read only bit set in their properties. but as i said ashampoo was able to replace a file that i selected.


One of best things about Ashampoo Products is their free 10 day trial that is extended to 40 days if you request a temporary key. Then they will start offering special prices or there is a place on their site where you can make them an offer and they may accept it. I have several of their products and have never paid list price for any of them. They put out a lot of $9.99 offers, just make sure to un tick the extended support, physical cd, etc. They also have a shrink program that I want to try sometime.



Where are the options: Extended Support and Physical Cd, etc. that you are talking about, BigMacnc?


Hi again Joe935:
Sorry about the brand snafu.
Anyway You will find the info about Ashampoo on their website when you place your order. They will offer the product at a price and then have 2 items under it. One is for Premium Support via the web and the second is for the physical CD. Another thing-Ashampoo does most of their sales and support on the website. They store your Serial #'s for retrieval there as well.

I too have not paid the full price for their products and am very satisfied witht he 3 programs I have from them. Might I suggest that you strongly consider Burning Studio 6, since it is a full featured burner. If you do a lot of audio/MP3 then Music Studio 3 is a good choice. As was noted by bigmacnc, is the fact that Ashampoo has a really good pricing structure. Once you sign up on their site you will get all sorts of offers via e-mail :slight_smile:
Good to know that you are having luck using the software.


With Ashampoo I see that i must select the files i want to update manually or am i missing something?
Or is there a CB-Burner program that will automatically select files that are newer on the Hard drive than on the CD and then burn the updated files? I was using a program called Syncback but the program will not work with read only files on the cd.


I am not aware of something automatic. I always select manually. For me, it does not take very long :slight_smile:
Then again there are programs that will do incremental backups of your data. Some folks use Ghost or Acronis True Image.


Thanks JC. I had another scare this morning but not sure if it was the cd or hardware.
I had a disk that was previously burned with Syncback and DLA. I had Ashampoo erase the disc and then burn the folder that was perviously on the cd. Ashampoo indicated the burn was successful. then I clicked verify and the operation hung up with Ashampoo not responding. I terminated and then restarted and A message that it was enumerating drives came up I had to open the draw to end it. I also was not able to get Windows Explorer to read the cd. It would hang also.
I Burned a NEW with that folder and that ran ok. As this has been an intermittent problem Im Scratching my head again.


That is interesting Joe. Ashampoo must be started without a CD in the drive. It indeed goes thru “enumerating…” when it is loaded. That way it finds your drive(s) and can list them. I think you are on the right track finally.


On the right track to where, Hardware or DLA


In the end I completely removed DLA and Roxio/Sonic. This HDD has never seen Nero products. I am also still wondering about the discs themselves. I do have a friend who went thru 2 burners on a brand new Dell, but you have a Lenovo (IBM) and I would think the drives are not from the same source. Try using Verbatim discs and see what happens.