Sonic DigitalMedia Problem

I just bought a new Insipiron E1505 from Dell with an 8x Sony DVD±RW drive model DW-Q58A, and some Magnavox 1-16Xx DVD+R discs. I tried to use the pre-installed Sonic DigitalMedia software to copy a DVD, but when I got to where it wanted a blank disc, it wouldn’t accept my discs and asked me for a blank DVD-9. I looked at the packaging again and noticed a message saying “Before using this disc in a 2.4x 4x or 8x data drive you need the required firmware upgrade. Full details can be found on”. This website did not help me, and I can’t even find evidence of my model of DVD burner on any of Sony’s websites. Does anyone have any idea how I can get these discs to work in my drive?

It’s looking for a Dual Layer disk (DVD-9) and you’re inserting a single layer disk.