Sonic Digitalmedia Plus v.7 and my DVD-rom drive not on speaking terms

Sorry if this has been asked before – I poked around on this page but don’t have the tech saavy to recognize my own problem! :disagree:

Occasionally I have this problem on my Dell Dimension XPS5 – I go into Sonic (Digitalmedia Plus, v.7) to burn a DVD, and the red “burn” button does not light up, even though a blank DVD is in the DVR drive (a DVD±RW DVD8631) and a file (or files) is fully prepped for burning.

I have burned DVDs just fine on this machine before, and am going through the same procedures. I’m not aware of having done anything major on my PC which might change my settings.

The last time this happened, it lasted for about three weeks, then mysteriously disappeared. (Perhaps because one of my frantic efforts at intervention worked? Don’t even remember what I did.)


When I’m in Sonic Digitalmedia 7, in the work screen for video projects, adding files so that I can burn a DVD, the button that says “burn” is greyed. It is not red, as usual, allowing you to burn the files.

If I go to the menu and choose FILE – BURN TO DVD, I’m prompted to “save the project as” and after I do that Sonic tells me “No Valid Recordable Device Was Detected”, even though I have a DVD in the drive.

I have just downloaded and applied the patches for Sonic and the DVD drive from Dell’s website and applied them and it did not help.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas about how I can solve this I would be extremely grateful … BTW use small words as I am not tech saavy. :wink:

(I’ve been having problems with moving computer files (docs, images etc) to CDs for AGES and AGES, but that’s not as big a priority for me right now.)