Songs have skips after burning mp3 -> audio CD

I have been burning some mp3’s to audio-format cd’s. The songs play perfectly on my pc, but a few of the songs (not all) have several skips in them when playing the new cd. I have tried multiple pc’s, two different brands of cd’s, even two different burning apps (nero express and roxio creator, both recent versions). I have verified the skips both on my new head unit in my car, my dvd player at home and a dvd player at a friends home. I can go back and play the original mp3’s on my computer and they play perfectly. So what is going wrong between the original mp3’s and getting them burned to an audio-format cd?


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Lower your burn speed to 16x and try that. Always works for me.

If that doesn’t help, try with Burrrn (small free program that I use) and Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs.