Song Titles & Creating an Audio CD with Nero

I’m using Nero to create an audio CD from various *.wav files.

Does it matter if the *.wav files have
just numbers 01, 02, 03
just number 1, 2, 3?

When Nero creates the audio CD, does it drop the song titles and list them as track 01.cda, track 02.cda
track 1.cda, track 2.cda, track 3.cda?


When burning an audio disc with Nero it will begin with the track that you added to the compilation first, then the second one you added, and so fort. It doesn’t matter how the tracks are named. First added to the compilation, first burned. Note: once you’ve added tracks to the compilation you can always change them around in the compilation window.

I realize that.
My question is, "What happens to the titles I’ve given my *.wav files?

You see the title that Nero uses by checking the properties of the track.

Anyway, those titles means nothing in an Audio CD.
Audio CDs don’t store any titles in their structure. There is no “Track1.cda” anywhere.
.CDA files don’t exist because an Audio CD doesn’t contain any file.

The only way to store titles in an Audio CD is to use “CD-Text”.
And very few programs and players are able to read that CD-Text info.

Thanks for the info Minix.
That’s just what I was looking for.
I’ve been deleting titles and just dragging over songs such as 01.wav.
I didn’t think there was a point to having a song title.
Apparently there is if “properties” lists it.
I may try using CD Text sometime.

Thanks again.