Song names in Nero

Another one having to do with Nero (surprise)

How can I make Nero burn the names of songs on an audio CD? I always edit the names, but neiter Winamp nor my CD-Text reading CD-Player do show them. What do I do wrong and how do I do it right??


Does your writer support CD-Text?
Do you have CD-TExt enabled when burning?

You can also find some tips from previous questions by using our search

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To write CD Text, it must be supported by your burner. On your computer you must also use a CD Text capable player. The hardware reader must support it also, whether computer drive or standalone CD player.

In New Compilation / Audio CD be sure to check the “Write CD Text on CD” box.

In CDA Options / General Settings, choose “Tempfile strategy”

In Burn, select the Write Method “Disk-at-Once”

If you are copying a commercial CD release, use the FreeDB internet database to download title, track, and artist information.

If you are compiling miscellaneous tracks, left click on each track and hit Properties and enter the CD Text information for Title and Artist.

A CD Text capable player must be used to play the disks. Most computer CD players will not read CD Text. You can download a good freeware one at Digital CD Player for Windows. This player will also play digitally, i.e., no audio connector is necessary from the drive to the sound card.