Song Information Hidden?

I am trying to put all my songs off my burnt cd’s onto my ipod touch 2g. I put the burnt cd in my computer open it with wmp, and it lists the songs and “Track 1, Track 2, Track 3” etc… I open it in iTunes, and it says the same thing, track 1, track 2, track 3, etc… But, I put these cd’s in my cars stereo kenwood excelon kc792, and it says the artist and song title on every song. I have a very hard time believing my 200 dollar cd player is more advanced that my 2grand pc. There has to be some way to retrieve this information?

I started right clicking properties and manually entering the information on each song, but at over 1000 songs I quickly realized this just is not practical. This is the same computer I burnt the songs on to, so it stands to reason if the burner can write text information onto songs, it has to be able to read text information?

Much appreciation for any help given!!! :iagree:

It’s not your $2,000 pc but the ‘free’ software that MS includes to play them (WMP). There are likely many free softwares available that will also read the CD-Text info from your Cd-Rs. I can’t offer any suggestions since I don’t really do that. Try Google. Or, someone here will surely have some ideas for you.


I figured out using the burning application I used originally, I can rip them off to my computer. Problem solved? I wish, just more hassels. So now I rip them and it lists the songs like this, “08-Nickelback-Someday”. I could just go through and delete the track # off each one really, but that’s not my problem. The problem is that it takes the songs title and artist, but it doesn’t add it to the songs information. See pics below.

This is a downloaded songs information, it has everything, year, artist, album, song title, duration. I am fairly sure this is where the ipod gets it’s information from. Now, look at the ones I ripped from the burned cd.

There is nothing there, and not even blank boxes, so I can’t even add the information manually like I could when I ripped it from wmp. For such a simple task that I ask of my computer, it sure fails miserably. If I put these in the ipod, the song with be the artist,track#,song, all on one line, and the artist as unknown. This is just aggrivating!

Have you tried EAC to rip your discs yet? I hear it is really good and maybe it supports CD-Text if you configure it properly. It is possible that the software you are using to rip with is not also getting the CD-Text info into the MP3 file (ID3 tags).

Even if the drive can burn and read CD-Text, you still need proper software to tell it to do so.


Tried EAC with the latest version of LAME.EXE and it did not work either. It had a built in id3 editor wich didn’t work either…freerip worked slightly better but it didn’t fill in all the id3 information. My radio reads it as being there…there has to be some software that will also. I know I’m on the right track now at least.

From your last post, I assume that you ripped with EAC. However, you did not mention what you are burning with or what you are using to verify the ID3 tags. Windows Media Player has very bad ID3 tag support. Maybe you should try MP3TAG.

LAME only supports some of the ID3 tags so I would not try to use it for anything other than converting to MP3. Then you need to open the MP3s and edit the info that you want (using a proper program).