Son DW-P50A

I have recenty bought a HP Compaq nx9010 notebook that has this drive. It came preinstalled with Easy CD Creator 5 basic anc Sonic MyDVD. Does anyone know what software and/or how I can use DVD+RW discs in it with drag and drop facilities? I presume that a DVD+RW has the same capabilities as a CD-RW so that I can add and delete files through windows explorer.


Tony :confused:

Pretty much the same software you might use for packet writing CD-RW discs.

Ahead InCD
Roxio DirectCD
Veritas/Sonic DLA
maybe more…

Only the most recent version of Direct CD that comes with Easy CD Creator 5 supports DVD+RW, you may need to update your version from Roxio’s web site. My own nx9010 came with a separate disk containing Easy CD Creator 6 which comes with Drag to Disk (replacement for Direct CD) which will handle both CD-RW and DVD+RW media. Note also that the Sony DW-P50A drive in this laptop will only write to DVD+RW media labelled 1-2.4X. It is unable to write to DVD+RW media labelled 1-4X. See posts in the firmware section of these forums for more details.