Sometimes when I try to burn something, it will take like a few hours just to read

Hello, im sorta new to this stuff. I know how to find protections aka clonyxxl and ive mayed a good share of burns through clone cd 4. I no how to make profiles and all that crap to. My big problem is that sometimes when I try to burn something, it will take like a few hours just to read (burn in usual speed). I’m not sure if this is cause i’m using the wrong protection or what. The games that I’m having problems like this with are Nightfire, Dragonriders (both safedisc 2 :slight_smile: ) and Arcanum (securom new). Any help/ suggestions would be very helpful. Thanx!!!

Ive read thru you other posts and could have put them all in to one.

First of all Im going to ask, did you use the search button???
Yes lots of errors is a common thing for Safedisc protected cd’s,
and so is a long time. But once you get past the errors usually the reading speeds up.

sry for being such a screw up. Thanx for the help!


Please use a more describing title for your posts in the future, so that people can better identify whether they can help you.

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well, i had the sims (Safedisc copy protection) and i had the EXACT same problem. I came to this site and i found an answer! thanks to cmr2003x, i found out how to do it.

just download Alcohol 120% and when burning, choose the SafeDisc 1/2 option.

It works, but since SafeDisc works by having errors, it might take a while. you dont need to check anything (When choosing the SafeDisc option, it (un)ticks all the correct options) just make sure you have chosen the right SafeDisc.

Alcohol 120% is a GREAT program, and also, if its a game that requires you to insert a disc every time you play the game (like The Sims), you can just use the Virtual Drive option. It works GREAT. :smiley: :smiley:

Tell me your results:)

thanx for all the help. When i took to long wit clone cd it wouldnt work but with Alchohol it works. Does the trial version ever run out because then there is no reason to buy it right? thanx for the help

Originally posted by Jason_Ford
Does the trial version ever run out

Yes. The trial period is 30 days and if you like and use the program you should buy the retail version.