Sometimes shows no disc in drive... but there is



my query here might sound a little hit n miss due to the novice in me but here it goes…

i have several discs from many moons ago, most of which are home to photos of my travel overseas that cannot be replaced. unfortuantly when i put them in the drive my pc claims that no disc is in the system or similar messge windows depending on the unreadable disc.

im guessing that my pc attempts to read the lead in on the disc to establish what and where the files are placed within the writed area. am i right in thinking that, and if so should is lead in read fails my pc will give up the ghost and refuse to explore further?

i havent thrown the discs in the hope that there might be software out there that will force a complete read of the disc and recover the lost files bit by bit if nessesary. even if i can recover some and lose the others is better than nothing.

does anyone know of a solution to this… or suggestions if my chain of thought is incorrect.

if memory serves me correct they were burnt on a toshiba cdrw… supposedly top notch stuff in its day lol. i’ve tried to read these discs on my LG, friends pc’s, work pc’s all giving the same problem.



RW media is a bad choice for long term storage and even more so if packet writing is involved such as Nero InCD. Packet writing proved so unreliable for me that I quit using it. Some NEC users experiencing DVD-R read problems report ISOBuster and IMGBurn can read problematic discs, and you might give those a try.


thanks for the suggestion bevills i’ll give it a try

they are cdr discs though and windows explorer wont even read them

looking all doom and gloom at the mo lol


Try on a different computer. Maybe a different drive will work. regards, g1