Sometimes it's hard not to laugh

Like today…

I was watching a Pentium D CPU on ebay to upgrade an older machine that does some less critical work…

I was willing to pay $13 or $13.50 shipped for it.

But it seems two guys, who I will refer to as “Dumb” and “Dumber”
decided to play an old bidders trick, which is to neglect to insert the
decimal point in the price they bid.

IF you bid $2000 for something that is clearly worth $20 you can
say “Oops” credibly…

This works if someone else were willing to pay $30 but you don’t
want to go there but block the other’s bid.

In this care two idiots tried this at the same time…

Look at the bid history n this one… I call this “when jackasses collide”

ROTFL, brilliant :bigsmile: :clap:

I hope he pays for it.

I highly doubt it. All they have to do is claim that the product doesn’t match what the description is or say its misleading(ie. the buyer didn’t read the full description and bid on it and won it. Then decided that it wasn’t what they wanted). eBay sides with the buyers almost 100% of the time.

Then there are the scammers who will claim product defects when there are none. And there’s the guys who demand positive feedback like this asshole from Poland who has sent me two e-mail messages in the past 3 days. Of course Craigslist buyers are another kettle of assholedness…