Sometimes it reads, other times

I have a Emperex IDE1008. I notice a lot of people are having trouble with the burner, but it’s what I have.

I went to Staples and bought 4, 50 dvd-r packs, made by PLAYO.

My burner only recognizes a blank DVD-R 1 out of 20 tries, and sometimes several times in a row. I guess you could say it has it’s good and bad days.

My question is: If my burner can read these DVD’s, why doesn’t it read them ALL the TIME? Why do i have to keep pressing eject, and insert the DVDR back in a dozen time for it to finally catch?

When it does burn though, and finalizes the DVDR, it reads great on any Player i put it in, including the Burner.

CRAP media and crap media!!!

Like chef said. It seems to be a media problem. Use higher quality media like Verbatim or Tayio Juden. They are a bit more expensive but you will get better results and they are also better for longevity.

playo are not know as very good discs,I hope you got them @5 bucks a 50 pack,even then at least 10 will be crap,good luck

I did in fact get them for 5 bucks for a 50 pack. I bought 4 packs. I just don’t understand why my burner will read some but not others, aren’t they all the same thing.

They aren’t as for the “quality”, if someone even can talk about quality with shrubby media.

No thery are not the same, it is belived by some that disc like thease are rejects and rebranded,others feel they are just made porley or from sub standed material.

Do they id as aml?

According to that site, and a lot of user tests, they are pretty good discs. I guess i just have to wait for my new burner to get in on Thursday to find out if it’s my stupid burner now.

I don’t know which of the three listed media you are using, but I wouldn’t say that they are pretty good discs. There are also a few results where the media are rated mixed and poor. The comments shown there are only indicating that you may catch up a better or a bad batch of discs.

Apart form this, I’m curious to see the comments about these discs 6 or 12 month after the burn ;). I don’t think that they will be that “positive”.

I only can suggest you to use higher quality media, also if you use an other burner. A good burn result doesn’t guarantee that the media will be readable in 6 or 12 month ago too.