Sometimes I "LOVE" being in Japan



I picked up a new toy this afternoon!!


While I do envy your ability to simply go outside and pick up the very latest, us in the UK are used to getting whats available and just being happy with that, or just ordering what we want from an on line etailer from ur end. But all the same, congrats on ur burner.





Nice purchase, congrats :slight_smile:


congrats on the new toy. let us know how it treats you.


nice one,xcellent burner(my 760a is,so…)


I can think of other reasons to love being in Japan. It has something to do with sailor uniforms…


Dude, the Village People ain’t japanese! :eek:

( :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: )


Two Degreesさんお久しぶりです!もしかしてセーラームーンですか?
Well there is more than something that has to do with sailor uniforms over here that can be nice lol.
Skypx> Congratulations on your new toy!


OK, so how does the SA version perform for you?


制服を着ている女子学生ですよ。 とてもかわいい!!!




Er det ikke lidt uhøfligt at konversere på et fremmed sprog her i dette engelsksprogede forum? :wink:

If you don’t understand what I wrote above, it’s because it’s in danish and that is not the chosen language of this forum.

If you’re wondering what I said, and if I said something naughty, then perhaps that’s the way others feel when they are left out of your conversation! :wink:


I’m wondering where the X18 media is coming from? or does the drive over speed X16.
I’m jealous really as we have to wait for these new toys to percolate through to the rest of the world.


DrageMester and all other readers:
I am sorry for what I did and I will in future use PMs when using any other language than english. You are absolutely right and I see that it was a very unpolite behaviour from me.


Overspeeds certain 16X media. TY 16X, and Verb 16X.Check out the CDFreaks 760 review.


Thanks guys!! :smiley: I’m going to test the drive this weekend, however I don’t expect any improvements from the 760A. :wink:


I was just sniffing around Plextor Japans site for the newest firmware for my Plexdrive and found a News release regarding the Px-760SA.
Plextor announces that under Windows 2000 the drive will not burn at its maximum speed and Plextor recommends using Windows Xp SP2 or later to burn at the maximum capable speed.
Here is the link (sorry JP only)


I really wonder what the reason for that could be…
Honestly, who would seriously change from w2k to xp???


I switched from 2k to XP back in 02 and I’d never go back.