Something's wrong...IT'S WORKING!



Not really a problem, as you might imagine.

Recently I’ve noticed, after trying some 3 and 4 hour format settings, I’ve noticed the “jerky movement” thing is apparently GONE.

Tonight, tho’, I’ve tried the six hour speed, and IT looks very, good.

I’d experimented with it early on, and didn’t like it.

Tonight I was trying to fit a little extra “not terribly important” stuff on a disc I’d made in the 3 hr. format, and tried the 6 hour format for the extra stuff.

I can see a little bit here and there that isn’t as good as other settings, but this 6 hour setting is producing stuff that’s TOTALLY viewable. No distracting pixelization except for a shadowy area in just the first few seconds. After that, it looks very good. At the six hour setting!!!

Someone…help me…I can use all the speeds! The machine is actually doing what it should have been doing from the start!

It’s up to something…

What’s it planning?




If it ant broke don’t fix it!


I mentioned the other day that I’d made some discs at the three and four hour settings, and the jerkiness problem seemed to be totally gone.

Last night I shut the machine off. Haven’t done it in DAYS. (Tend to forget and just leave it powered on.)

After turning it on today, and going to do a disc at the four hour setting, I was disappointed to see, after a few minutes, some jerkiness onscreen as the TV monitored the recording.


Does it make ANY sense that the processor being KEPT RUNNING for days might make a difference? Maybe it’s not too much heat but not enough?


This is a 5005, by the way.


still the same question now in another place

If you want help Info is needed