Something with the DVD region code



Hi all,

Before I formatted my pc 4 weeks ago I was watching movies and dvd’s just fine whatever their region was " Pal or NTSC" using DVD region free…

When I formatted the PC “Laptop” I forgot to Install DVD Region free and open an NTSC through Windows media player, it show me the warning that I have 2 options left for DVD changing region…

The point is I installed DVD region FREE and tried to open the PAL dvd’s in every player I got “Media Player Classic” “Power DVD” etc it’s not working, it only shows like it’s gonna open for a few seconds then it freeze

I formatted the laptop again … but still same problem. PLEASE help.


Uninstall DVD region FREE and give the trial of AnyDVD a shot.


Will do that, Hope it will work!


Give dvd43 a try it a free program and works just like dvd region free