Something went very wrong



I just got my new LTR-52327S in to replace my old PX-R820T. However, when I swapped the old Plextor drive out (along with the accompanying SCSI card) for my new Lite-on drive, something went wrong with my IDE settings… Windows now has everything on both my IDE channels showing as SCSI devices. My 120g WD IDE hdd, Toshiba 1502, and the new Lite-on are all showing as SCSI devices in Device Manager. They all appear as normal, with the correct model numbers showing, but with SCSI inserted - “LITE-ON LTR-52327S SCSI CdRom Device”.

Relevant System specs are as follows:

WinXP Pro SP1
Abit NF7-S Rev. 2
LTR-52327S (Master IDE1)
Toshiba SD-M1502 (Slave IDE1)
WD 1200JB (Master IDE0)
ASPI Layer 4.71.2 installed over 4.6

So what happened???

Btw, afaik, everything works properly. All drives appear to be functioning normally, with the exception of drive detection in Device Manager. Also, KProbe chokes and can’t find the Lite-on drive at all… It shows my HDD as being D: (it’s actually set to C: ) and the 1502 as E:.

Another update… Both Nero and Alcohol 120% identify the drives correctly…


That’s 'cause you installed the nForce2 IDE driver. It’s that simple. If you use WinXP’s built-in IDE driver, IDE devices would read as IDE devices.


Yes… I uninstalled the nForce IDE drivers earlier today as part of my troubleshooting and the issue was resolved. However, I don’t understand your explanation of the problem… I had the nForce IDE drivers already installed prior to uninstalling my Plextor and installing the Lite-on. Everything showed up correctly before swapping the drives, which is why I don’t understand what could’ve gone wrong…


Let’s just say there’s a bug in nForce’s unified driver, which they sort of fixed w/ the 2.41 release, but later found out it’s created more problems.