Something weird happened to my 1620

I was backing up a cartoon (on an MCC03, using Nero Recode) for my 4 yrs old girl, and the drive was blinking just like it was doing the job, but the % never moved and it never stop blinking. I had to restart the computer to stop it. And when I restarted, the system said my disc was empty. I tried to burn the same disc and I got a coaster.
Then I tried again with an other disc and it ended up OK.
What could have done that?
I am starting to wonder if this Nero Drive killer is not a true story?

I have seen some “strangeness” happen with MCC03 as well it seems to be a media issue to me as at least maybe one or twice it didnt like the media is was fed and DVD Decrypter stalled writing the disc and a reboot was the only way to get the disc out another disc from the same pack burnt just fine.

There is a bug in the BenQ firmware… when doing power calibration on lesser-quality media (could be a bad batch of a good quality media as well), there is a chance that it will be locked forever doing the lead-in. I’ve had this happen to me before - very annoying…

I have the feeling this can kill a drive because when I got this disc out, it was very warm. It means all that time the laser was burning something else !