Something up with the forum search?

Maybe it’s just me but it doesn’t seem to matter what I search for, the results are all from at least 3 weeks ago.

I know for a fact that the keyword(s) I’m using have appeared in posts since that time - the search isn’t returning them within the results.

I’d really appreciate it if some kind person would look into it :slight_smile:

I had a quick check and can confirm this issue.

A quick search of ‘facebook’, ‘myspace’, ‘bebo’ (not that I have an account on any) finds no results in the past three weeks despite this post I made 15 minutes ago having all three keywords. :slight_smile:

We looked into this and also confirm this issue. Thank you very much for reporting this. We will have a look into this and fix it as soon as possible. Let you know when we know more…

Any update with this at all? :slight_smile:

Seems to be fixed :slight_smile:

Not here it doesn’t :slight_smile:

Results still date back to the first week in April.

Checked again just now and seems to be working again.

So ‘Thanks’ to whoever fixed it in the last 16 hours :slight_smile: