Something that wont burn out? CDRW/DVDRW

Hi, im looking for some info for a good cd burner or cd dvd combo.

I trade CDRs in very high volume (about 200cds a week) and go through drives like crazy. been doing this for about 6 months and burnt out 3 drives. a pioneer, sony, and io-magic.

Im looking for something that will last a while, a year at least. Need a cd writer. dvd would be nice too though not a priority.

i’d like to spend 150$ or less if at all possible for this application.

Any ideas?

I would just keep replacing the drive as you are now. All consumer CD-RW drives are built to similar specifications and will only survive so long under your usage.

Maybe you can get a USB converter like this:

A USB adaptor like this (or a boxed unit if you want a little more permanantcy) would make swapping CD-RW drives a breeze.

Perhaps you should look at why you are killing so many drives. If you are doing continuous burning, heat will become a problem very quickly. In fact, most consumer burners are not rated for continuous use.

Look at your case, can you improve cooling? How about placing a burner on top of the case where it can get fresh air. Lowering your burn speed will also lower the drive temp, it’s the RPM that generates heat, not the laser. I find that 32x burn speed really helps keep the drive temp down, and 48x/52x will make the drive hot in just a few burns.

How about dust and smoke? These will kill a drive very fast, but cleaning the laser and mechanisms will help.

Is your power supply up to the task? A bad PSU can kill drives.

Don’t use your burner for reading, ripping or scanning. Split the duties between 2 or more drives to reduce heat and wear.

That said, the LiteOn burners offer the best combination of speed, quality, and reliability of any drive. Given reasonable care, they can be expected to produce several thousand burns. Get 2 or 3 and rotate the duties to let them cool down.