Something Strange!

My BenQ 1640 has a rubber seal applied only on the upper side of the inner face plate. Why isn’t this rubber applied all the way around for dust proofing? Is this normal, or is it that my BenQ has a manufacturing flaw? :confused:

It’s normal, looks like they are shaving off as much as possible from manufacturing costs same with the single green LED as opposed to the green/red and full rubber seal in the 1620.

Then again maybe it doesnt need it with the anti dust cooling system or whatever they were calling it in the 1640 either way I dont really care it burns discs well and thats all that matters to me, anything else is a minor niggle.

yes, but applying rubber seal only on the upper side of the inner face plate it’s a bit stupid, it defeats the purpose. I mean how much can a bit of more rubber cost…for crying out loud? I’m very happy with my purchase but these stupid cost cutting techniques makes me so mad!!!