Something strange happened to my Pioneer 111d

I’ve been backing up my 360 games pretty steadily for a while now.

I’ve steadily used Verbatims. So, one day, I ran out and needed a couple in a pinch. So, I went to Circuit City and picked up these Nexxtech ones (5pk for $6 on sale). I figured that they would be worth a try at least for the heck of it. So, I backed up a couple games with them and to my surprise, they worked fine! I decided to use the rest of the ones I had on hand (I bought two 5-packs) while I ordered some new Verbs from Newegg.

Well, I got the Verbs in from Newegg and they wouldn’t work anymore!! I could no longer burn 360 ISO’s on them! I thought that maybe they were a bad batch. So, I burned a big WMV-HD video rip of a Blu-Ray on one. It burned no problem.

I’m stumped! I tried updating the firmware on the drive, tried using the Buffalo firmware, and nothing worked. The Nexxtech DVD+R DL’s work fine. I don’t get it! Did the Nexxtech discs alter my burner somehow??

The only other change I made recently is that I installed Nero 8. I thought that may be the problem, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled Nero 7. Still no luck.

Like I said, I don’t get it.

So, I went to Circuit City and picked up 4 more 5-packs of the Nexxtech discs.

Now, I’m kinda stuck with 17 somewhat useless Verbs I can only burn data onto and not 360 ISO’s.

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To exclude completely a software issue, can you try to use a different one with the Verbatim? I suggest ImgBurn :slight_smile:

Yep. I tried that. I used CloneCD and Imgburn. Both failed on the 360 ISO on the Verbatims. But, both work fine with the Nexxtechs.

Update CloneCD and skip that noname crap media.
Imagine how much money you would have to spend on another copy(?) of that games instead of “360 ISOs”…

Have you tried just on the original media not the iso image??? I would also agree with the comment by chef as well…

Something interesting happened. I tried some of the discs further down on the spindle… and they worked!

Maybe some of the discs on the spindle are defective?

It is a possibility. It happened to me too some time ago, but never with Verbatim branded media