Something strange happend when i CF my 1625 to 1620




I used benq B7T9.cvt to cf my 1625 to 1620,and i get the max 16x write speed for the dvd-r,but when i upgraded to offcial fw B7V9 and B7W9,same thing happed,the max speed is limited to 8x again. :sad: why???


Also test B7U9, which was the first firmware having the 4x writelock on 4x -R media. MCSE automatically removes the 4x -R writelock when you load and save the firmwares. Worth a try.


My test disc is TYG02 , is it a 8x disc? why benq lock the speed in 4x?


Try reflashing patched FW. It can solve most problems


Benq locked the speed of 4x -R media, so overspeeding 4x -R media was not possible using firmwares after B7T9.
TYG02 is a 8x disc.


Benq show max write speed for my TYG02 is 4X , so strangeā€¦