Something odd happening

I’m obviously a noob to this forum. I have a Lite-on 52x24x52 cdrw. I use the bundled Nero software, o/s is W2Kp. My burner has worked problem free for the past 3 mos. I noticed after installing more RAM (now total 1536) & a new AMD 2400+ cpu, that I was unable to burn, it would hang up at 8% & give me write error messages. I uninstalled & reinstalled Nero, I was able to burn again, but a little more slowly. The oddest thing is my buffer bars go crazy the top bar (I believe read) varies from 4%-100%, & the bottom bar (I believe write buffer) varies from 20%-87%. I noticed that my cpu usage spikes to 100% & holds there til the read buffer goes down to 4%, then cpu usage will drop to 4% or so then the read buffer goes back up to 100% again. I am using the same CD’s I’ve always used (burned about 75 out of 100 successfully). I’ve tested RAM & CPU, both pass 100% without any errors. Could it be a burner failure? Is there any way of testing this? It plays any game or audio cd without any difficulty. I appreciate any help.
Thank you

Have you enabled DMA in the control settings for IDE-controllers?

Sounds as your drive has reverted to PIO-mode (a Windows bug).
To solve this, first try to set your drive back into DMA-mode in the Device Manager. If it doesn’t work (which is probable) then delete the IDE channel that your drive resides on and reboot, now windows should detect the drive and set correct DMA-mode on.

Of course make sure DMA is on for your HDD too…

Way to go!!! You 2 nailed it, for some reason it reverted back to the PIO vs DMA, followed your instructions Airhead & got my burner back!!! Thank you for the fast reply & a thousand thank you’s for the fix!!!