Something odd going on

well i’am not sure whats this is and whats going on but here we go…

i have been burning with a sony dw-d26a aka that lite-on…
its been working for the longest, but just last week when i work use dvd shirnk and dvd decrytor (iso to dvd-r) which is memorex 8x the dvd wont play in my ps2(not pstwo) which it had no problem before playing…but it would work in my sony dw-d26a drive which i have burned it to and it would play in my apex dvd player also (a stand alone dvd player), but now it wont play and is having trouble reading in my sony dw-d26a drive, and still cant play in my ps2 so i tried to play it in another dvd/cd-rw drive which is a sony (possiably an lite-on brand) in another pc and that doesnt work also tried a dvd-rw drive in my hp zd7000 larptop which is a dt something which got farther in the process on reading the disc (buy means of wmp10 (which i have been using all thru this process)…it acutally loaded the disc in the wmp but didnt play it at all…but after all this it still works on the apex dvd player??? please tell me why??

btw: the ps2 still can play dvd-r dvds that i have copied before this probelm
and also the sony dw-d26a can still play dvds , also any reason why the wmp10 crashes when i play a dvd-r movie???

You mentioned u were using memorex media, from my experiences they r not the best disc. Also I believe u must use aftermarket mod chips in the ps2 (if ur referring to Playstation 2) to play burnt media (movies and games).

i never had a probelm with the memorex discs before…and sorry if i didnt mention the that this ps2 can play dvd-r movies with out a mod of any kind…

Oops I overlooked dvd-r, Ive been using dvd+r and they wont play on my ps2 but its an old one. I bought it 3 months after they came out…sorry. Im not exactly sure but some others on this forum told me about booktype ie bitsetting see if u can change dvd-r to dvd-rom and copy the disc again. The reason the Apex player has no prob is the cheaper players dont care what u put in them.

about this bitsetting any reason why i would need to do this now?? i mean what would make this just start happening???