Something is wrong with my PX-712A

I have a cd full of rar archives. it extracts fine on my laptop however on my px712a it gives me different crc errors everytime I attempt to extract the archive.

Here is result from scan 1 on the px712a

Here is result from scan 2 done right after scan 1

Here is result from scan on my laptop.

Errors are not supposed to change positions right? There must be something wrong with the drive…again

Different drives can read or error correct better than others, or may ignore errors. The Plextor 40x Rom, for example, could read discs that choked other readers/recorders. I’d suggest reburning the data to a good disc. CMC, IMO, in most cases is crappy media and won’t archive well.

So that means that this plextor drive is bad at reading or error correcting? I dont think my laptop drive is ignoring the errors because winrar is able to extract the archive with no problems. CMC may be crappy but it is at least readable on my laptop drive

It means only that the laptop drive is able to read the media with all its errors and the Plextor cannot. That’s all. Whether it is because the laptop is reading at a slower RPM, using higher laser power, has better error correction, reflectivity of the disc is not a factor, or whatever else, you are able to extract the archive on the laptop. Good on ya! If you want to be able to read it on the Plextor, and have a longer lived archive, I’m only suggesting that you extract the file on your ROM and then reburn it on to quality media. The question is not whether CMC is readable in your lap top…it is…the question is whether you could trust the CMC to be archival quality and be error free in the future. It is apparently not now error free and will probably degrade from here. Better to just reburn on a good quality disc and then PI/PO to verify burn quality.