Something is wrong with "KH0P" firmware for LiteOn LTC-48161H drive

I bougth a LiteOn LTC-48161H combo drive and upgraded to KH0P firmware version.

I noticed that after the first burn, the drive could not read any kind of CD nor DVD anymore until I reboot the CPU.

So I wrote a mail to LiteOn support and they told me to try the drive in other CPU, and see what happens. I did so and the problem occurs again.

Then I went to my dealer and they changed me the combo drive for a new one.

I tryed the drive and everything was perfect… until I upgraded to KH0P firmware. The symptoms repeated.

So… I guess this firmware version has a problem.

Any suggestion or advise??? Thank you so much for any answere.

That’s very odd since I don’t have any such problem with KH0P in my drive.

I have tryed two different combo drives on three different CPU’s and all was the same: after installing KH0P firmware, no reading any disc after first burn.

I upgraded back the firmware to KH0M and now everything is fine.

Maybe, the bug concerns to Win 98 SE.