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Hello All ,
I have 3 dvd rw all of which are liteon’s the problem i have is, two of them are DRW-3S163 and one of them is a SOHW-1673S I need them to all have the same firmware
does anyone Know if this is possible or not ? either to upgrade 2x DRW-3S163 to --------- SOHW-1673S firmware
or downgrade SOHW-1673S to -------------- DRW-3S163 firmware ???
many thanks in advance, any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Not possible … if the other one was a 1633S or 1653S, it would be, but the 1673S/1693S are the “3S version 2” models, a revision too different from the 1213S-1653S range.

Thankyou Matth for the info Just thought I would ask the question
many thanks

would anyone know where the best and cheapest place would be to purchase
another six of these lite-on SOHO 1673S cant seem to locate this particular model for sale
thanks in advance

SOHD, not SOHO, I think.

And the 1693 is newer, but same hardware.