Something Happened to Direct CD!

Hi, guys,

After installing the latest DirectCD something weird happened. While copying files from my HD to a CDRW disk with DirectCD, Modified and Created file dates get replaced with the date of copy. I’ve never seen this behavior before. Is there anything that could have been screwed up in WinXP after this installation. Anybody having the same prob?:confused:

No I haven’t noticed this behavior.

The only problems I have with the software are that if I select “delete” to remove a file the program hangs and fails and this is very random. I have to then reboot to do anything else, usually the file is removed when I restart. I downloaded the latest versions since updating to SP1 but the problem still re-occurs from time to time…

My way round this is to select “cut” on the file I want to remove and “paste” it to the desktop. This method has not failed me once ! ! !