Something happend with my windows and i cannot use it

something happend with my windows and i cannot use it. i cannot log in. i need the data on the drive and i cannot save it. if i reformat the drive and install a new copy of windows, is there a software that i can install that will recover the data that i need from the old partition (the one i overwrote)?


thank you in advance

well what happened to it? if you tell us what happened (ie. what were you doing when it happened)we can probably help you fix it :slight_smile:

ok windows gets to a welcome screen but then i cant login.
i tried safe mode and it just gets to welcome screen and stops.
i see my user name but when i put in the password, nothing happens.
i have data on it for the past week from school and i didnt back it up this week.
i need asap for tomorw’s class. i cant usb and i it doesnt have a flppy drive.
i need to get around 50mbs folder out of that laptop within the next 4 hours.

please any help would be really appreciated


do you have the xp cd? if so boot with it and go into the repair console and run “CHKDSK /r” you could also run “FIXBOOT” when it’s finished try booting into windows again if it still won’t boot I myself would just get an IDE adapter for the laptop HDD to plug into the PC and plug it into your desktop PC and just copy over the data you need