Something GOOD

Why is everybody always picking on those dealers, say something nice about them (if it’s true).

There are many dealers outthere, who can do the job right !!!


Spoken like a true leader … haha

I like it…

The Replicator

You’re ONE of the BEST !!
Matter of fact…the BEST.
Keep going on…
Grtzz Mike.

Look these message (the one above this one) should be posted here more often, of course not only for me, but I’m sure there a much more good dealers out there.


Okay Prutser keep on going.

I think the same as prutser

Prutser is a real good dealer.
Many to choose from and very cheap!

But you don’t get a jewelcase of you trade (just kidding)

I also think liquid and crowheads are some good dealers.

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Just a new reply to bring this topic on top again.

Because the same thing is still a issue. It’s not in the description of the forum, but you might could say something nice about some dealers

Prutser’s lijstje