Something fishy with mediasentry

I understand that Media sentry is one of the main company catching downloaders for RIAA and MPIA.
Now I haven’t used torrents for a few weeks and have nothing remotley they would be interested in. Things such as alex jones radio programs etc. No warez, or music or movies or tv. And I have a total of 3 things in my download and two in my uploads.
So I run peer guardian 2 and watch what goes on with it. So as soon as I go to Torrentspys website bang, media sentry trying time after time to access my computer. I hadn’t done a search or downloaded any torrents. No uploads and no downloads going on.
I think that maybe media sentry has some trackers going on or something weird.
Has anyone else noticed more activity from MSentry than normal? Especially when you nothing of interest in your folder?

They probably just monitor torrent sites regularly.
I doubt they could do anything with a log of thousands upon thousands of users. They probably just have it so they can cross-reference it with addresses picked up from actual torrent uploaders.
The solution is to either install peerguardian or use a Tor-Privoxy combo to browse torrent sites. Or both.

Perhaps an IP address or small range of IPs has been lumped together with MediaSentry ranges. Has happened before, so it’s probably an ad server. Did the connections show up with you connecting to the MediaSentry address on port 80?

I agree,
I have recently noticed alot of traffic through media sentry. My concern is this it appears that my computer is calling out to it by doing a portscan to see where it can get through, then next I noticed them hitting my torrent ports, and I mean heavy…any suggestions? I keep thinking my box has some malwar or womethign from them hidden in it. But I have found nothing