Something fishy : Benq 1620 + RiconJPN_R01

I was trying out this media which is Ricoh 4x DVD+R overspeeded to 8x. My 1st scan of this media :

I used RNM v7, and at the end of the burn it couldn’t eject though it was supposed to. Before that, I only recall running DVD Identifier to check what kind of dye it was using, following a burn straight away. I ejected it manually, put it in again and the drive was not able to recognise the disc. Not to mention that I had to reboot to eject it manually.

After that, I tried another burn on the same media. The disc ejected after the burn using RNM 7 and this time it was so much better. I am stumped. :confused:

Ricoh ricohjpnr01 @8x seems to be telling different story for my case…

@Bloodlust: Your second pic is more what I expect from RicohJPNR01’s to be honest. I’m not sure what all went on during your first burn with the really high PI’s but that sounds like it was just one of those fluke type things that may never happen again. (Don’t quote me on that and say I told you so later - LOL!). I’d just run it and see how it does, the second burn does look quite beautiful though. :wink:

Yeah, so far that was the only burn which did quite badly. I still dunno what happened especially why the door didn’t eject after the 1st burn. LOL

I’d definitely blame it on whatever software you were using. Sounds like the software package locked up for some reason. I’ve had similiar things happen to me that caused this type of behavior. Long as it is working now I certainly wouldn’t worry about it. Happy burning, Bloodlust. :slight_smile:

I’d the same prob before…but not with ricohjpnr01.
Its some crappy Verbatim Chameleon TY02.
Drive refused to eject disc after burn (using dvd decrypter). Simply wouldn’t eject no matter what after 10-30mins. So resorted to reboot.

Scan of the burn was horrible as well. I suppose its a media issue.