Something faster than Nero

I am looking for some software to burn a windows movie file faster on a DVD than Nero does. Maybe I need to set up Nero different but 1 1/2 hrs to burn a movie from a file seems a little long.

It’s not that it takes an hour and a half to burn, the actual burn only takes 15 minutes, at most. The issue is that you’re re-encoding from one format to DVD MPEG2, which does take some time. I don’t know of anything better, I just wanted to clear up your terminology there.

You mean converting to dvd? If so that’s pretty normally also it depends on your system specs.

Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Just thought I might ask.

encoding video speed is a factor of your video HW.,CPU,Mem,system and drives,srinking the prg.etc,you might want to run a benchmark on your system to give you an idea of what others get for time.I do not think that is all that long.
Wait to you start using lightscribe that adds 40 min. more.