Something curious about 811S EEPROM and bad Kprobe/Nero scans

I have both an 811S (HS0Q) and 851S (GS2C), both firmwares Omnipatched. The drives, however, give drastically different scans - for example, on one disc the 851S would have a max PI error of 20 and the 811S max PI error on the same disc would be ~1300-1400. I had some time to kill and tried a couple of things:

  1. Reflashed to unmodded HS0Q firmware - no change
  2. Reflashed to HS0K, HS0P firmwares - no change
  3. Reflashed the original EEPROM backup I’d made of the 811S when the drive was brand new - big change. The max PI dropped from ~1300 to ~600-700. Obviously not back to “normal,” but it indicates something happened to the EEPROM over time to make the scans worse.

Anyone’s thoughts on this?

I also got an 811S and i also get average results or worse. I´ll buy a NEC 2510A soon.


I also have an 811S, and just recently purchased an NEC 2500A. In the short time I’ve had the NEC, I’ve found that it’s a decent all-around burner. However on my DVD+RW discs (Philips 041) and DVD+R (Ricoh JPNR01), I get better burns, according to K-Probe using my 811 than I do with the 2500. The 2500 burns are OK, but the 811 burns are very good.

On -R media, it’s just the opposite. I have a few Prodisc S03 (4x -R) discs that my son gave me and I tried writing on on the 811S (FW HS0K). The disk wrote OK, but the errors were so high that I got CRC errors trying to read the disk back (coaster). I then burned another Prodisc on the NEC at 6x (using Herrie’s hacked FW) and ran the finished disc through KProbe. The results were outstanding.

I should add that with with two +R medias I’ve used (CMC MAG F01 and Prodisc R02) I get comparable burn results with both drives; in fact, the printable Prodisc 4x +R gives excellent results on both drives. Scanning on the 811S is the only issue. I have some cheap Onidtech 4x -R media I’d bought when I thought I was getting a NEC 2500A and the results are poor on both LiteOn drives.

BTW, the only reason I bought the two LiteOns was I got them for $19AR each - otherwise I would have bought the NEC.

Well, from what it sounds like, the 851S seems to be working well for you… you probably got a bad 811S drive…

you probably got a bad 811S drive
Kind of figured that … I was just wondering what changes are made to the EEPROM over time that would affect scan quality.

Also if I didn’t have the 851S I’d probably be more than a bit annoyed - half the reason to get a LiteOn is for the Kprobe compatibility and if Kprobe doesn’t obviously work I’d doubt that’s a valid reason for an RMA.