Something between standard and long

When I use Nero to edit and then burn a 2 hour file, it tells me that it is too big for SP and it is going to LP. My DVRs offer move quality increments, allowing me to get the maximum quality and still just fit on the disk. Does Nero have this ability. If not, is there some package with will burn an MPG file after Nero edits it providing more flexibility in quality settings?

Duh! I found the custom setting at the bottom of the quality pull down list. Nero will do exactly what I want. It would be nice if it did it automatically. (I did find the automatic setting, but if I select it my resolution goes from 720x480 to 704x480 and I lose a big chunk of the video sides.)

If I make a DVD of a video file I usually make it just slightly oversize (5GB+) and then feed the resultant files through DVDShrink. This gets it exactly to the size of a DVD but can cause some quality loss (only very slightly).

Glad you found a way around your problem though, would be nice if Nero used the variable option as a default to automatically fill the disc up.

That would be soooo handy.