Something about 166s

  1. Some people on this forum said that
    this drive can run C1/C2 measurement
    in WSES. Seems to me like it can’t. I get
    this :
    Status 0x51
    Error 0x54
    Test abort
    Sense Key 5
    Illegal request
    ASC 20
    ASCQ 0
    Invalid command operation code

Any ideas what does this mean and how do I run this thing ?

  1. Drive is very noisy, but not only during the
    seek. It’s sometimes noisier then PX-4012TA. Then it reaches >20x it becomes extremely noisy. Some people
    on the forum said that it’s a very quiet drive (166s). I believe this, but…

Could you tell when was your drive manufactured and is it noisy or quiet ?
Seems to me like there has been some sort of manufacturing change in Lite-on so I want to check when the quiet and noisy drives were made.