Someone tryed Moser Baer DVD+R Double sided?

Moser Baer DVD+R Double sided 9,4 GB
We got them locally and they cose less than 1$, you can get 5 moser bear DL’s for price of one Verbatim DL, so i know they’r bad, but how bad?

I find no info on at all about MBI DL discs at all.

This is not DL but DS media.
They have two sides and not layers. :slight_smile:

They could be good for DiscT@2 as a Labelflash media replacement though, as MBI usually is better than Ritek.

Could you please be so kind and add these media to the list?

So double sided lol, i rather wait till DL prices go down then

Can you, i only know about this media cuz i seen it in local internet shop all i know is “Moser Baer DVD+R Double sided 9,4 GB”.