Someone that speaks German



Can someone that speaks German tell me what the kid in this video is freaking out and screaming about?

Just give me a summary of what he is saying.

Thanks! :iagree:


Oh my God. I hope this is a faked video!
Typical german kids. :rolleyes:

He want to play a game, but it won´t start! :bigsmile:
“It” is screaming:

I want to play!
Why doesn´t the f**** games start?
Here we go!
Here we go!
Here we go!
I will kill you… Son of a b****
After that he is screaming some worst german words :confused:

What a psycho!


LMAO!!! Thanks TOSHIBAer!!! :iagree:


that young guy needs help :frowning: , if that was me, my parents would have gave my a bloody good kick up the arse :bigsmile:


he totally mashed his keyboard

I think he may benifit from prescription marajuanna





Oh he just “happened” to have a camera on eh…


of course. The whole internet is one giant coincedence :bigsmile:


lmao hes got some anger managment classes in his future…but dang …it was funny to watch… you just wanna hug him up and say Ich liebe dich mein hase :wink:


He looked almost like Hitler giving his speeches !