** Someone please recommend video editing software for me! **

Hello everyone!

I’ve been doing searches on the forum but I can’t seem to find answers to my question. . .

I just want to know what video editing software is recommended by most people. . . .

I have been using NeroVision Express and I found that it is very limited. It doesn’t even play or record any sound for some reason. . . . Plus, I would like to make some segments go in slow-motion or fast-motion (if that’s what it’s called) . . .

So can anyone recommend some good software that I can do that with?

But I’m not really looking to spend alot. Hopefully, not over $100. . .



You could try Adobe Premiere Elements…


Look at Ulead Studio 10, Adobe Premiere Elements, Vegas Movie Studio, Ulead Movie Factory, and other similar products. Or you can look into individual products which specialize in separate parts of the procedure (one to capture video, one to edit, one to encode, etc…) Those are explained in detail at www.videohelp.com. You will find that there are lots of different opinions. Over all, HuffyUV, TMPGenc, AVISYNTH, VirtualDubMod, ConvertX2DVD, are some of the most recommended.

I’ll second Premiere Elements. I use Premiere Pro- it was my first NLE and had about a 5 minute learning curve for the important stuff. Elements looks to be in the sweet spot for your price point.

Also, I just posted today, that Buy.Com has Vegas Movie Studio for $2.46 after rebates. Pretty hard to beat video software for that price.

another vote for Premiere Elements v.3

i,m using it for my track day movies great software

I teach software for a living, and I have to say that Elements is the total package for beginners. If you’ve got a fairly fast computer, it is very enjoyable to edit in.

For one, Elements has keyframing (and keyframe easing). Once you get more advanced in your edits, this will mean a great deal to you…again, especially for doing photomontages…panning a picture is one thing, but once you add easing in, it looks more natural, fluid and ultimately more professional.

Also, the Titler and DVD burning interface are straight out of the pro software (in fact, the DVD engine was in Elements first before it went to Premiere Pro).

If you’re familiar with Nero’s interface, you’ll be right at home in the Sceneline, and when you get more ambitious, you can easily transfer over to Timeline view.

Finally, not too many people mention this, but using the two together makes building photomontages a snap, because if you need to find a certain picture, it’s easier to flip to the sceneline and find it then flip back to the timeline to do more intensive edits on it.

Best of luck in your NLE search!

premiere elements 3.0 for me as well…i use pro and elements both

Thank you very very much for your help, everyone!

Ok, I’m gonna give Adobe Premiere Elements a shot. . . .

Hey guys . . .

Ok, I got Adobe Premiere and so far I really like it. . . .

I’m just having one minor difficulty. . . For some reason I can’t find the blend transition that blends the end of one clip to the beginning of another clip. It seems like a very basic feature but I just can’t find it. Can anyone help me out with that?


This is how I do fades in Pro 1.5. It took me a while to figure it out after switching from v6. Not explained real well in the manual either.

With your clips in the timeline, overlap each one by the amount you want your fade… say 2 seconds. Make a cut with the razor tool on both clips where the fade will start and stop

Highlite/select the video to be faded in by clicking on it in the timeline. Go to the monitor and select the effects control tab for the video you have highlited. With the time marker set at the beginning of the clip to be faded in, set the opacity to 0%. Slide the Time marker to the end of the clip in the effects control window, and set opacity to 100%

Now select the video to be faded out by clicking/selecting it in the timeline. Go to the monitor window and once again select effects control. With the time marker at the beginning of the clip, set opacity to 100%. Slide the time marker to the end of the clip in the effects control window and set opacity to 0%

Thank you very much for the help. . .

Wow! It sure is more complicated to do a blend in Adobe Premiere than it was in Nero Express. Of course there was no control over how long the blend took, but it still worked well and it was muc easier! I guess sometimes automated stuff (with less parameters to choose from) is better. . .

Well, I found that the “additive dissolve” transition is close enough to the usual blend that I think I’ll just go with that. Then nice thing is that you can still adjus the time of overlap.