Someone please look at this scan



This was burnt on the NEC 3500 and read on LiteOn LDW-401S. I am not sure what I’m looking at.


Scottl, in the future please use PNG instead of BMP, thanks :cop:


You are looking at a screen shot of Nero CD/DVD Speed - disc quality test.


Here are some other scans with RiTEK R03:

As you dont have any other burners, it is hard to say if it is a bad reader, or bad burn, but basicly the higher the graph goes, the worse the burn, if your PI Errors go much more than 50 and PI Failures get more than 10 you have a poor burn. Are you sure the discs are genuine?

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Thanks for the smartass answer Quickee…


Could you please edit your post and change the masisve BMP to this much smaller PNG?


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BTW, hard to tell anything about your scan. There is no information about burns peed or media brand.
But in general, the scan is crap. :confused:


You did the scan at max speed instead of 4x…

Re: Image format… Well, it could’ve been worse; he could’ve used .JPG instead, which would’ve been both oversized and ugly; at least .BMP is only oversized. In the future, please refer to these [thread=119042]instructions[/thread].


Thanks for the reply code…Yeah, I should have set it at 4x. I have read the instructions and will post png files in the future.


hey bcn 246…the disc are memorex and were on sale at Walmart for $15 for a 30 pack of DVD+R. The disc play fine in my Sony standalone player. I burnt three disc with the NEC and read all three with the LiteOn. The results were real close for all three as they look like my original post where I have the scan.I am going to try some Maxell DVD-R disc later to see how they compare.


Try the -R, then post a scan (png!), I personally would buy a completely different make, as these arnt working well, although as I said, it may be the Lite-On 411 not scanning well, do you have access to any other DVD burners?, if so, try scanning the discs in there, then compare the results.


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What I am looking at is a scan of a coaster
disks with steady PI fails of over 10 are filed in my waste basket
(that scan is a fail, no matter what you read it with, it’s that bad)

as for PI errors, I consider
on a movie disk (this is where a standalone will skip)
steady PI errors over 400 scanned with a Liteon a fail
steady PI errors over 40 scanned on a BenQ a fail
on a data disk PI errors don’t seem to matter, it just takes a bit longer to read

Ps stop being so sensitive, sometimes we just have to make smart remarks!


I wonder, though, how much of the poorness of the scan is the result of the use of CAV scanning instead of 4x CLV scanning…


I scanned that same disc at 4x like you said code65536 and it was much better. I read through all the instructions for submitting results, per liggy and dee, and saw where the liteon drives should be set at 4x when doing the scans. I posted my results(in png format,lol) at liggy and dees V2beta3 firmware post.

As far as you are concerned Sarah, I am not being sensitive. No, I do not have the experience you senior members have when it comes to CD/DVD burning and the like. I am a member of other forums where I am considered a senior member and I make my best effort to be courteous to the newer members who are seeking information. I felt that Quickee’s response was just thrown out there with not much thought put in to it. I enjoy this forum and I continue to learn the more I visit.


had a look at your scan in the other threadt why have you unticked the PI fails (show C2/PIF)? only half the test on that graph, there should be a lot of yellow to get an average PIF of 0.95. Usually average PIF is in the region of 0.05 on good media.


Sarah, I did not notice that. I did not unselect it at the time of the scan. Is it possible that the LiteOn drive I used for the scan is not capable of this and it automatically unchecked it? I will try it again.