Someone please help

I’m assuming this is some form of hardware problem. I can’t download any sort of file. No audio, video, program, etc. NOTHING. I don’t have a firewall turned on, and I’ve turned security down to the lowest, and it still won’t work. This is a major problem for me, because I reformatted and have no programs on here, except Internet Explorer basically.

I use Comcast high speed internet, and this has never happened before, even when I reformatted a few times. No one can seem to help me out. Can someone here?

The download box pops up, but nothing happens. It looks like its still downloading, but it makes no progress… and this is really F’N annoying.

try using a decent browser like Mozilla FireFox - it has a download manager built in.

I would suspect you have an IE problem.

Ask a mate to burn you a copy or use the following:

Dos Window: FTP —> Open —> anonymous —> ‘any email addy’ and then navigate round…

if you can download from an FTP using CMD Prompt - you have proved it is IE…

Good luck