Someone please help me pick out a motherboard

I want to buy one of these asus mobos and need a little help Here is what I want
AMD quad core support (FX) OC capability
ATI crossfire support (Not nvidia)
Support Dual channel memory
I want to be able to hook up 4 (S)ata 3Gb/s HDD’s
& able to hook my optical drives up §ata/EIDE maybe 3 or 4 optical drives
and well support at leats DDR2 but DDR3 is OK :bigsmile:

If someone has the time and wants to help basically I am ready to build my system I am not rich and if I have to I will cut corners right now (Never with cheap stuff, but by tonong down a little) like maybe just getting 2GB of memory right now and not all of my HDD’s

                    thanks guys

They’ve fazed out two ideo controller on new MB’s today, so you can only run two of your old IDE ODD’s. If you want you can get a SATA to IDE bridge adapter or just buy a couple new SATA ODD’s.

This Asus board supports full crossfire. But it uses south bridge 600. South bridge 750 has recently came out, but its expensive right now.

I know you want Asus, but this DFI board is $60 less and just as capable.

Actually I don’t have to have asus I just know how to oc in their bios & set up the bios I am kind of newb so probably ami award is how it is based not on manufacturer but I don’t have to have asus
dso are you saying that I will have to run 2 ide odd’s & 2 sata odd’s or whatever but the max on ide is one channel??

see I am way more farmiliar with intel but I think amd processors are better hell I get more speed out of my 1667Mhz amd than I do with my 2.8/2800 p4, crazy

so for crossfire do I need 2 pci-e 2.0 slots or what is the modern pci-e?? and then what other pci-e do I need?? like for 1394b & ethernet cards & stuff. I know that there is pci but it almost seems like it is getting fased out also so what do you think will lat the longest without becoming obselete in 6 mos… I know nothing… but seriously

i would like a nice addon sound cars should that be in a pci-e slot now or not and what type?? if possible could you provide me with a couple of links to some mobo’s that I will like.

thank you


I really don’t want to regret what I buy right after I buy it you know

Well for a performance system, Intel has the lead currently, and they are very overclockable.

Also most bioses are similar, they will all have new features that have to be figured out. All MB’s have network built in, and if you select a MB with ALC885 or ALC889 audio, it will be already good.

So you have to decide whether amd or intel.