Someone please help me defeat this VCD protection scheme!

In my country (Indonesia) I’ve bought several local music albums (east java province) in VCD format. They can be played on my Phillips & Kenwood CD/VCD player, also on my Samsung DVD player too, but they can’t be played on my computer at all. I’ve tried to make a copy with LG/ASUS DVD-RW, TDK/LG/ASUS/SONY/PLEXTOR CD-RW and used S/W like CloneCD/BlindRead/Alcohol/Nero/IsoBuster/CDMage/Nero etc. This VCD has 10 tracks songs. I can’t copy even one of them. Please could someone tell me how to defeat this protection? Believe me, I’ll try this till I die :sad: .

i have friends who own a local Asian store who cater in asian vcd/dvd/karaoke music discs…i’ve dealt w/ this a few times and the main reason the pc couldn’t read it was cause the disc was bad…almost everytime…basically…the quality of the burn or the “brand” of the disc burned to was cheap crap…if that plextor you have won’t read it…then nothing will

It play well on several stand alone VCD and DVD players. I think they have injected a lot of bad sectors in every track. All CD/DVD-ROM (that i’ve) can’t read them (only spinning for a long time then stop without conclusion). Even IsoBusters can do nothing and can see nothing. This VCD is not industry mass replicated (it burned on silver green CD blank). I’ve bought that VCD for 10.000 rupiah(about 1 US$) each. Do me favors! Give me a solution!

Lily :disagree:

that was what stump’t me for so long…i could play these discs on any dvd player…vcd/dvd etc…they were all from thailand/laos/vietnam/taiwan/china…makes no difference…why would a company that sells this kind of entertainment sell discs that can’t be played on a pc…most of the people who buy these play them on their pc’s or on a standalone player…the discs are crap…i’ve seen it quite a few times…look at what u paid for the disc…it has to go all through that manufacturing and it was only $1…garbage discs…mass produced burns