Someone please help me before I kiCK SOMEONE IN THE FACE

I recently purchased an NEC ND-2510a for DVD burning. This is not in the NEC forum because I don’t think the actual drive has anything to do with it. This is my problem:

Whenever I burn anything, especially a long burn (greater than 5 mins), my computer reboots. Yes, just reboots. Just happened while burning a dvd-r. New coaster. Wonderful. Also, sometimes I get a blue screen, where it freezes. It says the stardard garbage…and this:


Stop: 0x00000050"

Grrrrr. The reason this has nothing to do with the drive (I think) is because I had the IDENTICAL problem with an old CD-RW drive I use to use a long time ago. Coincedence? I think not. Did I spell coincedence right? I think not.

Some important observations:

That old CD-RW used to work fine UNTIL I installed Windows XP Professional. I recently formatted and installed a fresh copy of Home for comparisson…same thing. This lead me to believe it’s not a software problem. Or it is a Windows XP problem in general.

Just recently, I stopped getting the blue screen and only reboots. This was after I swapped some IDE cables around inside…Problem with my motherboard? :confused: I dunno.

Please, someone help me out. This is very very frustrating.

try updating your motherboard chipset drivers?

might help if you provide more details about your system (motherboard/chipset, video card, sound card). Blue screen STOP errors occur when hardware malfunctions, I think. I remember getting that STOP error when my old motherboard (via kt266a based) was failing. The capacitors had been leaking. At least, that is what I believed was causing the problem. Your problems may be something else entirely.

Tracking such errors can be very difficult. Prime suspects: Video Card (hardware or driver/directx), Sound Card (hardware or driver), RAM gone bad, Motherboard (hardware or drivers), and perhaps one of the most overlooked… a bad/failing PSU.

Good Luck!

I’ve had this exact same error code more than once. Everytime it was due to faulty RAM.

You mentioned you moved some IDE cables. It sounds likely you may have inadvently touched the RAM. Which may have either corrupted the chip if you weren’t electrostatically grounded or maybe knocked it out of place. Giving the stick a firm squeeze into the socket may help. :wink:

1st time - The mobo did’nt appreciate the RAM being placed into the 2nd slot. But problem was resoved when I placed it in the 1st or 3rd slot.
2nd time - RAM was damaged due to an electrical storm. New RAM fixed the problem.
3rd time - My mobo wasn’t compatible with the particular cheap brand of RAM I brought. A different brand fixed the problem.

If this isn’t the problem you could google for that particular error code. :wink: