Someone please convince me to buy 1620

Well Hello to the BENQ massive… I’ve currently in procession of 3 LITEON
DVD writers(1 ldw401 2 ldw811). It’s time again to make the annual purchase of another DVD writer as the 811 is becoming quite long in the tooth and i’m slowly leaning towards the 1620.
Before i commit myself do you think that £39.00 is a fair price for the 1620?
I do have another writer that i may consider which is the PLEXTOR 716a.

I have absolutely NOTHING bad to say about the 1620 thus far…I’m incredibly happy, it burns FLAWLESSLY on decent media (I haven’t tried any cheap junk, thus far) and everything I’ve had this drive make has played well in my Standalone RCA DVD player. They seem good about updating firmware fairly regularly, the speed is decent, and the price is pretty good (I paid $78 CAN) I’m not sure what the conversion is to the pound right now, so I can’t help ya there. Hopefully you get it for a good price…I don’t think you’ll regret it.

That’s the price I paid, and it’s the best £39 I spent on a DVD writer.

The Philips 1640 I bought was the same price, then the BenQs dropped to the same price… So now I have one of each.


Is there any difference between the BenQ 1620 and Philips 1640?

Different external package, including led’s, and firmware.
Firmware is interchangeable.
Other than that the same

Thanks, tinman1948.

Mine were both OEM so they were identical. The retail Philips has nice LEDs, though :bigsmile:


I think you will find the writing quality of the BenQ a breath of fresh air compared to the Lite-ons. I have heard the Lite-Ons are getting better, but still not up to the quality of the BenQ.

Thanks for all your input…will be placing an order on Tuesday. I will also
report back after some test burns.

I bought a Lite-On 1633s a while back, because I could not find the Benq or Philips in any shop, but I returned it just in time (14 days) because the results were very disappointing. To my surprise, they had the Benq for the same price at that time. Best decision I ever made… :slight_smile:

buy the benq, you’ll never look back. upgrade the firmware and all this thing does is burn gerat dvd’s time after time, on both good media and the crap stuff.

I’ll be looking for those scans of yours. Good luck with your new BenQ burner and I hope you love it as much as I love my two DW1620s. They’re the best two DVD burners I have ever used. It’s night and day comparing them to my old LiteOn 812S. :slight_smile:

Another question.

Is there any advantage(s) in buying the retail version over the OEM/Bulk one?

If you buy a BenQ you’ll probably never buy another Lite-On from that point on in your yearly drive purchase. :wink: Just my opinion though! No real advantage to the bulk/OEM to the Retail one other than on the bulk/oem drive you’re going to be missing that big BenQ label on the front. Personally I’d just get a retail drive if you don’t care what color it to save the trouble of cross-flashing - although if you have Lite-On’s and don’t care about cross-flashing the drive you could do like I did and order the Nu Technology DDW-163. Same exact drive so won’t be a problem cross-flashing to BenQ firmware.

In my opinion. not really. Others may have different opinions though. If you buy retail, then you don’t have to crossflash in order to use the B series firmware versions. This way you don’t void your warranty. Other than that, I don’t see any advantages to buying the retail over the OEM version. You’ll probably save some money going with an OEM/bulk version so it’s up to you.

The retail version does come with some software. But, if you already have DVD burning software then you don’t need it. I have two retail DW1620 burners and have never used the software that came with my drives. I prefer other apps instead. Again, it’s really your choice.

IMO, no. You can flash the OEM to be retail, and that is what most people do. Once you’ve done that, I can’t imagine any reason to buy retail (besides software packages, included goods, etc).

Thanks, guys.

A black Philips 1640 OEM might be my next purchase.

Or a Plextor 716…?

Again, it’s your choice. Have you visited the Plextor forum and read up on the Plextor 716? If it were me, I would get an OEM/bulk BenQ DW1620. It’s a great drive and the price is right. Let us know your final decision.

Here’s one convincing test:
Engineering samples of Verbatim 16x DVD-R.
BenQ 1620 = 16x burn attempt resulted in a very good burn with low PI/PIF and perfect readability. (burn speed approximately 10x bouncing around).
NEC 3500A = 16x burn attempt resulted in a coaster