Someone help me!

Ive recently got a now Cdwriter-Yamaha 

something…any way this one is 8 speed(unlike my old one which was 4)the problem is when burning now with easy cd creator on 8 speed, as soon as it starts to burn the cd my computor jams…leaving me with a broken disc

only way i can burn is to put the speed down to 4 again…why???this applies for all cd i try to burn!!!

can anyone help???


Oh…yes another problem

when burning audio cd at the start of every track there is a cracking noise…anyway to stop it???

cheers for all ya help

de redbull!!!

you need to get a copy of nero to start off with: or

there might be a speed problem if you aren’t using 8x certified media. try buying some certified discs, and then burn again.

the audio crackling might be caused by the drive that is reading the original CD. if the drive is old and doesn’t do DAE, then you will get a crackling noise. that problem might also be because of the 8x discs you need.

hope that helps